Crispim BJJ is FULLY RE-OPENING on JUNE 21, 2021


We hope this email finds you and your family well! As most of you know, the state of California will be re-opening, with few restrictions, on June 15th, 2021. This has definitely been a very long and difficult time, but we are so happy that we will be able to return our academies to a mostly “pre-pandemic” state. In addition, we will be adjusting the schedules in order to add more classes, as well as lengthen some of our classes. And for our more full classes, bringing in additional instructors. Although the state will be re-opening on 6/15/21, we will be re-opening our academies fully on June 21st, 2021.  Here is a list of the changes that will take effect on June 21st.

Pleasanton Academy:

  • The front entrance/lobby will be re-opened so please use the front door from the 21st on.
  • We will be going back to using Key tags, which you will swipe at the front desk when you enter the academy. For our newer members, we will be handing out the key tags late next week. If you were with us prior to the lockdown, please bring your key tags starting on the 21st. If you no longer have one, please let us know so we can assign you another one.
  • All classes will be “contact” and back to normal beginning on the 21st.
  • The schedule has been changed so please review the schedule for the slightly adjusted start and end times. You will see that some of the classes have been lengthened as well.
  • We are adding Tuesday Jiu-Jitsu classes. We will have all 3 ages of kids BJJ classes, as well as an adult No Gi class.
  • We are adding a Thursday 4-6 year old BJJ class.
  • We are adding some new Adult Stand Up classes – MMA 101 on Monday nights and a Level 2 Muay Thai/Sparring class on Friday nights (attend with instructor approval).
  • We are adding a kids ages 11-14 Muay Thai class on Friday nights.
  • Bathrooms and the Pro Shop will be re-opened. The Pro-Shop will be re-stocked with energy and protein drinks and snacks. We will also be carrying Combat Corner’s boxing gear, including kids/adults gloves, shinguards, handwraps, and more. And we will also have Gis for sale. Our current Gi order is delayed, but we are expecting it soon. Our showers will also re-open. If you plan to use the showers, please bring flip flops to wear in the shower and bring towels, soap, etc. (anything you may need).
  • We will be setting up our seating area again for parents who would like to come in and watch. We are so happy to be able to see all of the parents again. 🙂


San Ramon Academy:

  • All classes will be “contact” and back to normal beginning on the 21st.
  • We will be adding an adult BJJ class on Monday nights.
  • We will be adding a 4-6 year old BJJ class, a 7-10 year old BJJ class, and a few more Kids Stand up classes. In addition, we will have 2 days per week where we will have both a Fundamental and Advanced Kids Muay Thai class. Our instructors will let the kids who are Advanced know so they can plan to attend the Advanced class if interested.
  • Please review the schedule for time changes as we tried to make the schedule more consistent from day to day.
  • Parents are welcome to come in and watch again. 🙂


As you can see, there are a lot of changes happening over the next week as we finalize our instructor schedules and prepare the academy to fully re-open. And just as the academies were prior to the lock down and during this past year, we will continue with our stringent cleaning procedures to help ensure the safety of our staff and members. Please note that next week (the week of the 14th), everything will be as it has been. The schedules on the website are current for next week, and we will upload the new schedules on 6/20/21. We are attaching the new schedules for your review and so you have sufficient time to plan. But please remember, the attached schedules do not start until June 21st.
And finally, we are so truly appreciative of all of the support that you all have given to the academies during this past year plus. We have only made it this far because of each of you. Thank you so much and we hope to see you all soon.
All our Best,
Crispim and Michele