Pleasanton Academy to Move to Indoor Classes & Black Friday Promotion


Our November Updates:

First, effective Monday, 11/9/20, we will be moving all classes at the Pleasanton academy indoors. We tried adding more lights on the field, but with the time change, it is just too dark. We will be continuing with and adding safety precautions indoors. For a detailed description of how this will work, please click HERE. Our schedule is also updated on our website and can be found here under SCHEDULE. We have been open with outdoor/indoor classes for over three months now, and have had no safety issues so we feel very comfortable with the safety processes we have in place, and we hope you know that the safety of our staff and our members is our number one priority! To register for classes, please click on our SCHEDULER.

Second, we are now offering our annual Black Friday promotion. Here is how it works:

*Black Friday promo is offered to the first 10 members who respond. It expires either after 10 members purchase the offer OR by Black Friday 2020, whichever comes first.

*Prepay for 12 months and receive 3 FREE months (months 13-15). This is a 25% savings on your membership.


*Prepay for 6 months and receive 1 FREE month (month 7).

And for new members, we are waiving our one-time enrollment fee of $109 through 11/15/20 at the time of sign-up.

Please note that if the county or state shut us down again, we will freeze all membership payments so you will not lose any of your prepaid membership.

If you currently have a prepaid membership, you can still purchase this promotion and it will automatically begin at the end of your current prepaid membership.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Black Friday offers, please email us at

We would like to take a moment to sincerely thank all of you who have returned to the academies! Your support means the world to us! This has for sure been a very difficult time for all of us in a lot of ways, and we are thankful to be able to provide our members with tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Thank you for choosing to train with us!! Enjoy your weekend!

All our Best,

Crispim and Michele