We are excited to announce our Kids Summer programs at Crispim BJJ & MMA in Pleasanton. We are offering “Train like an MMA Fighter” summer camp in July, and classes in Yoga for Kids.

We are also offering several Summer promotions at the Pleasanton Academy:  please visit the link below for the details.

$250 for 8 Weeks of Kids Muay Thai classes during the summer

$250 for 8 Weeks of Adult MMA Fitness (Cardio Kickboxing) and Boxing Classes during the summer

$199 for 8 Weeks of Adult Fitness Classes during the summer

(terms, details and registration can be found by visiting the link below)

If you are interested in signing up, please visit and you can enroll online.  If the link does not take you to the Event page with the list of summer activities/promotions, please type in Crispim BJJ, and then click on the “Events” tab to enroll. If you have any problems enrolling, please message us at [email protected]