Kevin Jack Kids Martial Arts Instructor

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TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: “Not everyone can be Superman but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to be”

SPECIALTY: Sport Specific Training, Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy, Performance Nutrition, Dynamic Exercises, Circuit Training, Strength Training

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Inchworm Push Ups or Burpees

FAVORITE SPORTS / ACTIVITIES: Soccer, MMA, Mud Runs / Obstacle Courses / Adventure Races, virtually any type of training!

EDUCATION / CERTIFICATIONS: M.A. & B.A. in Sport Science, AFAA Personal Trainer, ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition Specialist, Apex Health & Fitness, IFPA Yoga Instructor, IFPA Pilates & IFPA Pilates w/ props Instructor, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Professional, Fit Ball Pressure Point Specialist, Trigger Point Self-Care Secialist, OSHA Compliance Certification, First Aid, CPR/AED Certification.